clinica dental villena

Dental Clinic in Villena

In Villena, Cayetana Manglano has a dental clinic where she treats patients from all over the region. This clinic has expanded services, with the same spirit of specialization as in Valencia because it has up to five specialists in dentistry supported by five expert hygienists assistants.

Centrally located to facilitate patient access, the Villena clinic, like the Valencia clinic, has been carefully designed to provide a pleasant stay: we want each person to feel comfortable and well cared for.

Our centre is also equipped with all the technical means to ensure that our specialists work with guarantees of success.


Villena Dental Clinic Team

Rafael Hung
Rafael HungOrthodontist
He is an exclusive orthodontist and a great specialist in biomechanics, innovation and treatment of surgical cases. He is the most recent incorporation to the team, to which he also brings a wealth of clinical experience.
AnaHygienist - Administrative
Ana is the soul of the clinic, she is in charge of managing the agenda of all the patients and answer all your questions, problems and concerns by phone. She also manages all the collaboration between all the doctors who work in the clinic, as well as the collaboration between all the dental hygienists, without her we are nobody.
AlmudenaDental Hygienist
Almudena is a dental hygienist and occupational therapist, she assists all the specialist dentists in the clinic. She also takes care of dental cleanings and whitening. She is our latest incorporation and a star signing.
RaquelDental Hygienist
Raquel is a dental hygienist and has been at the clinic for 25 years, a lifetime at the doctor’s side. In addition to taking care of the orthodontic treatments of the patients, helping the doctors, she also takes care of the purchase of material and the complete sterilization of the clinic.
CatyDental Hygienist
Caty is a dental hygienist, a tireless worker and assists the doctors in orthodontic treatment, as well as doing administrative work.
MariviDental Hygienist
Marivi is a dental hygienist, has been at the doctor’s side for 25 years and takes care of orthodontic patients. She also assists the doctor in all orthodontic treatments, whether invisible aligners or braces, she is a loving person.