Children’s Orthodontics

In children, we not only act on the teeth but also bone deformities. In this way, we prepare the mouth for a good position of the definitive dentition. Therefore, in children’s treatments, we talk about both orthodontics and orthopaedics.

– Orthodontics, when we act exclusively on the teeth

– Orthopaedics, when we act on the bones

Bone deformities affecting the jaw and maxilla are relatively common in both girls and boys. If they are detected early, treatments can be applied which, with a short duration, are very successful and avoid future complications.

Thinking about your future

The actions on young children are oriented to achieve that both their bones (maxilla and mandible) and their definitive teeth are perfectly located.

Detecting problems early

It is very important in young children to correct fundamental habits such as breathing, chewing, swallowing, position and pronunciation. By detecting these problems early, we can correct and re-educate them to achieve an optimal result. This is achieved through dentofacial orthopaedics with appliances, instructions, exercises and a lot of will.

When to make the first visit?

From the age of 3.
We like to check children from the age of 3.

Although the family is the one that first notices if the child has any alteration in the face, we like to see them from a young age to detect any alterations in their bones, habits, etc.

At the age of 6.
When the first permanent teeth appear, around the age of 6, it is worth visiting the clinic. Not to do a treatment, but for a check-up that will help us to confirm if everything is going well.

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