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Do you want to improve the health and aesthetics of your smile without jeopardising your physical appearance during the treatment? Why not try invisible orthodontic treatment in Valencia with Cayetana Manglano.

In Cayetana Manglano we work with Invisalign, one of the best on the market.


Although you can get the same results with whichever orthodontic treatment you use, invisible orthodontics offers a series of advantages in comparison with the rest

Reduces your visits to the clinic

Removable braces

Improves the oral hygiene whilst on treatment

Reduces the possibility of developing cavities during the treatments, as it is easier to clean

Less incidents, as there is less risk of rubbing, ulcers or dental emergencies

You will get to see the end result of the treatment before starting it

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En Cayetana Manglano realizamos todo tipo de tratamientos de ortodoncia con brackets en Valencia
Grupo 149

Metalic braces

The most traditional

Grupo 151

Ceramic braces

Ideal if you are looking for a discreet aesthetic, as even though they are placed on the external part of the tooth, their colour makes them blend in.

Grupo 152

Lingual braces

This options is the best that exists aesthetically, as they are places on the internal part of the tooth.

Are you interested in having orthodontic treatment in Valencia?

No matter your age, you can improve the aesthetics of your smile and correct the bad position of your teeth through orthodontic treatment.

In Cayetana Manglano we have been treating patients with orthodontics for more than 25 years. For children, adolescents and adults, at an affordable price. This has allowed us to gain a lot of experience in this kind of treatment.


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Why trust Cayetana Manglano with your orthodontic treatment in Valencia?

Doctor Cayetana Manglano has the Invisalign Diamond 2 category, that guarantees that she has a lot of treated cases, throughout her 25 years at the forefront of the clinic.

As well as her work in consultation, Cayetana Manglano has presented publications and communications at conferences, and has taught courses internationally about orthodontics.

Her experience in this type of behaviour makes Cayetana Manglano your best option, if you are looking to start orthodontic treatment in Valencia at a very competitive price.

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    From 3 to 6 years old, you should visit the orthodontist if you observe any anomaly in your children such as strange gestures with the mouth, asymmetry in the face or facial alterations such as a very large or small jaw.

    At the age of 6, the visit is recommended because that is when the first permanent teeth start to come in and it is important to study them.

    From 6 to 12 years old it is very important to make the visit to control the occlusion and tooth replacement.

    At 13, that visit is indispensable.

    On the first visit, Dr Manglano will discuss the need for orthodontic treatment and the best time to start with. She will also indicate briefly the problems of the case, the possible solutions, duration and approximate cost. If it is decided to begin treatment, a thorough study of the patient will be carried out, with x-rays, photographs and a scan of the mouth, thus drawing up a list of problems and aesthetic and functional needs (diagnosis), after which solutions will be proposed (treatment plan).

    The treatment of adult patients is not only possible but in many cases, it is necessary to correct the progressive deterioration of the teeth and prolong their existence. Once your gums and supporting bones are healthy, we can begin and obtain results similar to those of teenagers.

    Nowadays, there are modern corrective aligners of excellent aesthetic appearance and comfort that make the number of adult patients increase every year.

    Yes, all treatments can use aligners because the result does not depend on the appliances used, but on the diagnosis, the vision of the orthodontist and the treatment plan drawn up by that professional.


    When you start your treatment, you will receive a report specifying your diagnosis and treatment plan, the approximate duration of treatment, the budget and the method of payment chosen. At the same time, our team will give you instructions and a kit for the care and maintenance of your appliances, the solution to any small problems that may arise, as well as specific instructions on oral hygiene.


    During the treatment, you will be continuously informed about the evolution, and you can count on our clinic for the solution of problems or pain.


    We have a mobile emergency service for the weekends so that your attention is unbeatable.


    All our quotes are closed; this means that all concepts are included in your fees: the study, all the appliances and visits necessary for the corrective treatment, as well as the appliances and visits of the retention phase (during one year after the corrective treatment). From the first day, you will know in writing how much the whole treatment costs exactly, without any later variations.


    We offer facilities and flexibility in the form of payment: all concepts are paid in monthly instalments. Besides, we offer card payment, direct debit service and bank financing.


    Unlike other groups (mutual insurance companies, insurance companies, and dentists’ collectives) you pay only for the treatment, without any monthly fee or entry fee for belonging to the group.

    Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry that deals with the prevention and correction of badly positioned teeth and defects of the jawbone.


    The orthodontic specialist (also known as “orthodontist”) is a dentist who has also received a specialized university education of at least 3 years that allows him or her to solve all kinds of irregularities of the teeth and defects of the jawbones. There are more than 350 orthodontic specialists throughout the country, whose professional qualifications correspond to the standards set by the European Union.

    Orthodontic treatment is not expensive if you consider the severity of the problem to be solved, the constant and continuous professional attention, the quantity and quality of the appliances and their long duration. Taking these factors into account, a tight budget is drawn up for each case, which also details a form of payment in instalments throughout the treatment and without any entrance fees to make it more affordable.

    Its total duration is difficult to predict as it depends on individual factors such as the severity of the problem and the cooperation of the patient. Some treatments are done in two separate phases, but in general, the treatment should last about two years.

    Orthodontic treatment achieves alignment of the teeth and improves the position of the jawbones. In this way, the teeth fit well and chew well, they remain healthy and strong, brushing is made easier and long life for the teeth and gums is ensured. As an important added value, well-positioned teeth produce a beautiful and attractive smile that reinforces personal self-esteem.

    Orthodontic treatment achieves alignment of the teeth and improves the position of the jawbones. In this way, the teeth fit well and chew well, they remain healthy and strong, brushing is made easier and long life for the teeth and gums is ensured. As an important added value, well-positioned teeth produce a beautiful and attractive smile that reinforces personal self-esteem.

    In general terms, the treatment is painless. During the first few days, there may be some discomfort that disappears after a short time. In any case, the patient will consult us if the discomfort persists or is excessive.

    No, the treatment varies according to the problem to be corrected and the age of the patient:

    1. Preventive treatment aims to eliminate deforming habits in children and severe bone problems, generally in the milk teeth (from 3 to 6 years old).

    2. Interceptive treatment is aimed at facilitating of permanent teething and improving the size and position of the maxillary bones, generally when the replacement of baby teeth with permanent teeth is initiated (from 7 to 11 years of age).

    3. The Corrective treatment is indicated when all the definitive teeth have come out (from 12 years onwards).

    In the vast majority of cases, it is possible to obtain a great improvement in the function of the teeth and their aesthetic appearance, depending on a series of individual circumstances. In some cases, we will need to collaborate with other professionals (dentists, periodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, paediatric dentists…) to solve the problem.

    In order not to lose the space reserved for the permanent tooth, it is convenient to place an appliance called a “space maintainer”. The orthodontist will decide when and what kind of appliance should be used.

    In order not to lose the space reserved for the permanent tooth, it is convenient to place an appliance called a “space maintainer”. The orthodontist will decide when and what kind of appliance should be used.

    Any problem can be improved regardless of age, although in some cases extractions and complications can be prevented if treatment is done at an early age.


    Once the corrective treatment has been completed, the retention phase begins during which the results achieved are maintained. The orthodontist, patient and dentist will establish individualized maintenance and oral hygiene plan to ensure general dental health.

    Although in many cases they have to be removed, in those people who have no problems fitting them correctly with the rest of the teeth and do not have cavities or other teeth are missing, it is not necessary to remove them.


    Teeth that have undergone orthodontic movements tend to return to their original position for at least two years after treatment is completed. For this reason, the duration of the retention phase should be at least two years.


    After this time, we can sense that the teeth will not move in the direction of their original position, but they can move in any other direction. These movements are a consequence of the adjustments of the masticatory system and its ageing. They are movements that occur normally, both in orthodontic patients and in people who have not been treated. This can be seen by observing that perfect and natural alignment throughout the life of the dentition is a very rare occurrence.


    We can say that, after two years of treatment, orthodontic patients are no different from the general population and are therefore exposed to having their teeth moved too.


    If we want to maintain this perfect alignment we must do it artificially, placing the retention devices two or three times a week for unlimited time and going for a check-up once a year. We can also abandon the retainers, assuming that these movements will occur and that if we want to have perfect teeth we will have to perform a small alignment treatment after a few years.


    The most similar case is that of cosmetic surgery operations to remove wrinkles from the face. After that, we have a perfect face, but ageing continues to act relentlessly and after a few years, we have to go back through the operating room. For these cases, there are no retention devices.

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