Teenage Orthodontics

During adolescence, when the last permanent dental pieces are coming out, it is a good time to solve problems of tooth bad position or bite.

Teenage orthodontics is no longer a subject of ridicule in the classroom and is now taken up by young people as a matter of course. Fortunately, this age is perfect for getting your young adult teeth in order.

Correcting habits carried over from childhood

Adolescence is also a good time to correct habits that are often carried over from childhood and which it is very important to eliminate: breathing through the mouth, chewing on one side only, clenching the teeth, atypical swallowing. For orthodontics to be stable, it is necessary to stabilize the entire stomatognathic system of our patient.

What type of appliance to choose?

In our clinic, we make these decisions depending on the treatment needs and routines a teenager presents. Based on the previous analysis, we will propose fixed metal or ceramic braces, including brackets on the inside: lingual orthodontics or invisible aligners. All roads lead to Rome.

Do you need more information?

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