If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you’re thinking about improving your smile and Invisalign is an option you’re considering. You probably have many doubts about Invisalign. At Cayetana Manglano we want to answer all your questions so you can have the best of smiles.

We will explain to you what the transparent aligner system, called invisible braces, is and why it is so fashionable these days.

Is orthodontic treatment with Invisalign effective?

The first thing we’d like to say is that Invisalign is just as effective, fast and successful as conventional braces or lingual braces.

The braces we use, the orthodontists, are a means to reach our goal, that is, the diagnosis and treatment plan made by your doctor is the secret of success for your smile is spectacular, this is very important. The braces are our means of transport to reach our destination.

Invisalign, at this time, is the most comfortable, invisible and effective means of transport we have in our hands to provide spectacular smiles.

How does orthodontic treatment with Invisalign work?

Invisalign are transparent splints/crowns that are attached to your teeth and are changed for a new one every few months. This time is decided by the orthodontist according to the movements made by each aligner, usually changed every week or every 2 weeks.

When do you use Invisalign? Can you eat with them?

These crowns are worn all day and also for sleeping. They are removed only for eating and brushing and sometimes you can eat and drink with them, which will be decided by your doctor.  For example, if you have a special occasion or celebration we will let you not wear them.

What advantages does Invisalign offer over braces?

There are many advantages, the first is that it does not rub, nor does it produce ulcers on the mucosa so it does not hurt, nor does it bother.

When you change the aligner you wear for the new one, you will feel some force on your teeth that may generate some discomfort but will disappear in a couple of days and if not, call your doctor because something is not right.

Likewise, if you have blisters because of your aligner, you should go to your clinic to have your aligners right so that they don’t mind you at all.

Another great advantage is the hygiene; when you take them off to eat, no food accumulates, nor do the gums swell because you brush without any apparatus in the mouth. Therefore, it is very hygienic.

Another very attractive feature of Invisalign is that they are transparent and cannot be seen, something that at a certain age is very important.

On the other hand, by not eating with the appliance on, you will be able to chew without any difficulty and no food will get “stuck” in the brackets. You may find that when you take off your Invisalign, you will feel a different bite and feel a little strange, but that feeling will disappear as the treatment progresses and your teeth fit together.

For all these reasons and some more, Invisalign is a comfortable, effective and invisible treatment of which we are experts in our clinics with more than 20 years of experience.

  • It doesn’t make blisters or ulcers
  • It’s very hygienic
  • It is transparent and not noticeable