Exclusive orthodontic treatments in the centre of Valencia

We want each of our patients to feel comfortable in our clinic. Every member of the team works to achieve this. And for this reason, we have also created a space that is both innovative and comfortable; designed to make adults feel at ease and to provide a relaxed atmosphere for children.

We are located in the centre of Valencia, in a place with perfect connections to look after both people from the city and those who come from the outskirts, with access enabled for people with reduced mobility and very comfortable access also for patients coming from different places in the world.

Patricia Cebrián
Patricia CebriánClinic Director - Hygienist
Director of the clinic. She is responsible for looking after patients and giving them all the necessary information. She has spent a lifetime dedicated to making every person who enters our clinic happy. She is the soul of the clinic.
Cristina Masip
Cristina MasipClinic Coordinator - Hygienist
She prepares patients and manages the clinic’s schedule. In addition, she deals personally with aligner brands. It only takes a while by her side to discover that she is all smiles, kindness and sympathy.
Sabrina Bello
Sabrina BelloOrthodontist
She has over two decades of experience. She discusses with Dr Manglano diagnoses and treatments so she has become a key support for Dr Manglano. Her treatment of patients is exquisite.
Rafael Hung
Rafael HungOrthodontist
He is an exclusive orthodontist and a great specialist in biomechanics, innovation and treatment of surgical cases. He is the most recent incorporation to the team, to which he also brings a wealth of clinical experience.
Consuelo Tarazón
Consuelo TarazónHygienist
She is responsible for purchasing, stock and inventory management. She is enthusiastic about her work as a hygienist. Besides, she always works towards perfection and knows how to transmit safety and confidence to the patient.
Lourdes Martinez
Lourdes MartinezHygienist
She alternates clinic duties with the reception and administration support. She also prepares the correct images for the studies. She is a tireless, constant and sensitive worker. Moreover, she is our special Fallas participant.
Mª Carmen Gil
Mª Carmen GilAdministrative Assistant - Hygienist
Reception desk. She is also in charge of the telephone calls, invoicing and accounting. She schedules our agendas so that we work happily without disregarding the rest of our lives.
Alicia Serrano
Alicia SerranoHygienist
The youngest member of the team is also a dental hygienist, although she is finishing her studies in psychology. Her main work is carried out in the laboratory, ensuring the good general functioning and sterilization of the equipment.